Disabled? We are here to try and show that living in a wheelchair doesn't mean you should sit idly at home waiting for the next day to come. We believe that's when attitude becomes the real disability. Life is what you make of it. Live life to the full while you can. Our solution for getting out of the house has been to try a little adventure travel.
Note: We must say that we are only trying to be a guide. Please do not take what is written here as the final word. Consult a health professional for more comprehensive information in relation to your personal needs.
Carers are people that support the day to day living of many of us. Probably a very under-rated group of people. Some of you have carers on a regular basis already. If you have a carer and still want to do your adventure, then remeber that your carer will need to come along. You will need to bear these costs in mind. You may also want to look at getting reduced rates for your carer. Companies such as Endeavour Safaris reduce the rates of the carer, as long as she/he is a registered carer.
If you currently live on your own you may need to evaluate your abilities. We recently had the pleasure of meeting an elderly English lady who had just had a stroke. She still wanted to come on the holiday she had planned and so organised the person who cared for her to come with her. At the same time, a Scottish lady went on the same hoilday. She was in a wheelchair and lived on her own. She got around at home without any real problems and thought that she would be fine on holidays by herself. The problem was, at home everything was familiar. There were no steps, everything was paved and the house she lived in was setup especially for her so she could do everything. On holidays this was different. Nothing was setup for her, steps were everywhere, and nothing much was paved. She needed a carer. To survive on her holiday, she had to use the elderly ladies carer. This put added stress on to the carer and possibly reduced the time the carer could spend with her carer. This was done out of the goodness of heart of the elderly lady and the carer. So check what you really need, and even go away for a weekend before hand to somewhere you haven't been before reasonably local and see how you survive. It may be a worthwhile learning experience. If you think this would be a worthwhile exercise and you do find that a life would be easier with a carer, then do your weekend away well in advance in your trip so that you can organise a carer - sometimes they can take a little while to arrange.