Disabled? We are here to try and show that living in a wheelchair doesn't mean you should sit idly at home waiting for the next day to come. We believe that's when attitude becomes the real disability. Life is what you make of it. Live life to the full while you can. Our solution for getting out of the house has been to try a little adventure travel.
Note: We must say that we are only trying to be a guide. Please do not take what is written here as the final word. Consult a health professional for more comprehensive information in relation to your personal needs.
It is obviously not the place here to recommend drugs (prescribed medications) of any sort, this is for a doctor. If a person takes drugs they will take of course have already been prescribed these drugs and may have been taking them for a substantial time.
When travelling you should not rely on prescribed drugs being availabale in the areas you are travelling to. It may be extremely difficult to obtain these or similar drugs. You should therefore take these drugs along on the trip with you. Issues may arise where you are taking a large amount of a drug or drugs into a foreign country. Prior to travelling we always consult a doctor first. We do this a reasonable amount of time before departure so that if we have to obtain a large amount of a drug then we have time to do it. In otherwords, don't leave everything to the last moment. 
Where you are travelling with your prescription drugs, have your general practitioner give you a form which lists all the drugs you will be carrying and the quanities and doses. This is good if you are queried by customs in any place. Do not expect that the customs people will know every legal drug - you don't want to be held up while they sort things out. We have never been queried about any drugs we've carried but still always carry substatial documentation to support what we carry, right down to aspirin or paracetemol.
It may be advisable to see a specialist travel medical practitioner. They usually have a greater knowledge of what may be required in the area(s) you are intending to visit and to what vaccinations are legally required or medically recommended. Again, these are something that should not be left to the last minute as some vaccinations may be required to be taken a certain time before you leave.