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bladder care
Note: We must say that we are only trying to be a guide. Please do not take what is written here as the final word. Consult a health professional for more comprehensive information in relation to your personal needs.
This is not the place to put details about how the bladder functions. You most likely know these things already. As in other areas though, you need to determine how much equipment you will need to manage any bladder issues you may have. You may use internal (Intermittent Catheters)  or external catheters. If you are a male and use a condom catheter (or uridome) you will need to determine how many you use per day. The rule is that you should work this figure out and add at least 10% for safety. The same applies to any catheter you may use; work out the numbers and add extra. You have to remeber that you will not have the same availablity as you are accustomed to at home.
If you are liable to have accidents and the wetting of clothing is likely, then you must remeber to take extra clothing to account for this and plastic bags to carry urine soaked clothing in until you can find a place to wash or have your clothing washed. Remember to dry your skin after an accident to minimise skin problems. 
When you go through the process of ordering medications from your doctor, you should also ask for some broad spectrum antibiotic in case you develop a urinary tract infection. This antibiotic will also have the added effect of giving you some cover over any other infection you may aquire. Take as much as you can, you can always bring it back home and use it another time.
Keep up your normal bladder routine as much as possible to avoid infections, discomfort, or the onset of autonomic dysreflexia - if you are prone. Drink as much fluids as you can, water preferably, especially if conditions in the place you are visiting are hot.
Do not reduce the number of times you would normally void your bladder to keep up with others if this is time consuming. You are the one who will suffer, and when you are overseas the results can be more of a problem.
For further information download the Spinal Care Handbook pdf file.

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