Disabled? We are here to try and show that living in a wheelchair doesn't mean you should sit idly at home waiting for the next day to come. We believe that's when attitude becomes the real disability. Life is what you make of it. Live life to the full while you can. Our solution for getting out of the house has been to try a little adventure travel.
rolling round about us
about us
The concept of 'rolling round' basically stems from the ideas of two people; Charley who is in a wheelchair as the result of a motorcycle accident over 30 years ago, and his wife Sue. Neither are experienced travellers and so the journeys are a learning experience, if nothing else. The journeys vary in method from car to trike to plane. Not necessarily to go where no man has been before, but just to show that it can be done, and just to do something that may be fun doing. In doing so it also may inspire others in similar situations to do something they haven't done before. It's arguable as to who had the initial thought of doing this. It doesn't matter really unless something goes wrong in some way, and then obviously it was Charley's fault.
We also need to include Mel, who is also in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy, and Gina, who have both been part of the team for rolling rounds 1 and 2. Without them the travels would not have been the same. Finally not forgetting Johan, Ken and Nick who have been our fixers and guides. All would have been impossible without their help.
A worthwhile contributor to the initial idea of doing these trips was the landmark book 'Jupiter's Travels' by Ted Simon. More than anything though, the journeys were fuelled by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in 'Long Way Round' and 'Long Way Down'.
  " I hope our trip around the world will inspire others to do something
 different with their lives"
  Ewan McGregor, Long Way Round 2004
For this we thank you, Ewan and Charley. And if we, in turn, inspire anybody to expand their normal lives in some way, then we have passed on a lesson learned.  

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