Disabled? We are here to try and show that living in a wheelchair doesn't mean you should sit idly at home waiting for the next day to come. We believe that's when attitude becomes the real disability. Life is what you make of it. Live life to the full while you can. Our solution for getting out of the house has been to try a little adventure travel.
the plan  - go to africa
back again - trip all over
The plan for this trip came together very easily. The idea was to travel, but also to see things of interest - which is most people's wish. Luckily both liking similar things, the idea of going to Africa came into being due to the fact that Sue found that there was a company in South Africa that did safaris for disabled people. After very little contemplation the company was contacted. It wasn't long before the basic safari in Namibia and Botswana was booked, though that didn't seem to be enough.
Why should seeing Victoria Falls be missed out on? No sooner said than done and a five day trip to  Zambia was included. Then the thought of seeing South Africa came along, so a few more days in Cape Town were added. Passports were either obtained or renewed. Tickets were purchased, and now the wait is on until 10 March 2008, the day of departure.
The country list is:
                                      South Africa
Have a look at the planned route in the maps section.