Disabled? We are here to try and show that living in a wheelchair doesn't mean you should sit idly at home waiting for the next day to come. We believe that's when attitude becomes the real disability. Life is what you make of it. Live life to the full while you can. Our solution for getting out of the house has been to try a little adventure travel.

conquest trike headcam

This short clip was completed by Conquest USA for their website.
The clip shows me riding with a helmet camera, sitting in a wheelchair and travelling on a Conquest trike. Sue is on an OzTrike in front of me. And while this is not an advertisement for Conquest, I can't help but say, they are a great piece of machinery. For an older rider like me, they are a great way to get back into things.
So I hope this gives you an idea of what it's like to be riding - if you don't already know.